178. Ramayana’s Bread pizza?


178. Ramayana’s Bread pizza?

•2 Bread Slices (use brown bread )
•2 tsp of thick Yogurt/Curd
•2tsp Cup Rava/Sooji/Semolina
•2tsp Chopped Onion
•1tsp Chopped Capsicum
•1tsp Chopped Tomato
•Salt to taste
•Black Pepper to taste
•pinch of Chili Flakes
•pinch of dried Oregano
•Few tbsp Vegetable Oil

Method ..
•In a mixing bowl mix onions capsicum and tomatoes along with yogurt and sooji.
•Mix well till it forms a thick paste. You can add more yogurt if you feel the mixture is very thick but it should not be liquid.Add Salt and Pepper to this paste and set aside for 5 minutes for sooji to absorb yogurt.
•In a nonstick flat place two bread slices next to each other. [Make sure your gas flame is on low otherwise the lower side of bread will become over toasted]
•Take the spoonful of paste and spread over each bread as a thin layer. Do not make the layer thick for it will not cook evenly and wont taste good.

•Cook for about 3-4 minutes and then carefully turn it upside down. If the bread topping is properly cooked and settled it will come out easily without sticking to the pan. If you feel its still sticky give it couple of minutes to cook and then try turning it again.
•Place them on the serving plate and sprinkle on top some chili flakes and oregano
•Repeat the above with the other bread slices.

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