183. Ramayana’s Roti noodles


183. Ramayana’s Roti noodles

°2 chapatis
° ½ chopped onion
° ½ chopped tomato
° ¼ sp Cumin seeds
° ½ sp schezwan sauce
° ½ chopped coriander leaves
° pinch of black pepper
° salt to taste


1. Take 1 chapati, roll the chapati fully.
Now cut the chapati into slices, so that it looks like noodles. Repeat the same for 2nd chapati.

2. Now in a pan, add 2-3 drops of oil. Roast the cumin seeds.

3. Add chopped onions into it.. Saute it until the onions are golden brown..

4. Add chopped tomato, haldi, salt, black pepper, coriander leaves.. Saute all the mixture thoroughly.

5. Now add ½ spoon schezwan sauce and roti noodles.. Stir it completely..

6. Your tasty roti noodles are ready..

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