22,23,24 july

*Ritu Nanda*

(Ludhiana) (Female) (92 Kg) (5’3″) (veg) (34 yrs) (Bp high, legs pain, cramps in legs)


[Diet started on *16 july*]

*22,23,24 july* ?

?? *Need to follow strictly, timing can be managed according to your comfort but except your dinner time*


Early morning when u wake up at *5:30 am*

*(soaked overnight)*

First 10 days…. Take cinnamon (¼spoon) water… 200ml

Next 10 days… Take jeera (½spoon) water… 200ml

Next 10 days… 2 garlic cloves with water

Then go for freshen up n check ur weight…

*After 10 min* … 4 soaked almond nd ½spoon roasted flax seeds nd amla juice( 20ml)

Go for walk n yoga … as ur comfort morning or evening

45 min. walk daily n yoga


1 apple  ? 


*10:00 am*

bowl of black chana salad (add max chopped salad) 

*Don’t take tea with your meal take it after or before half an hour of your meal*


*At 12:00 noon*

1 mosambi

Half spoon chia seed In a day…..before lunch…..add in your water bottle


*AT 2:30pm*

2 chapati with veg nd salad bowl


One day ….. paneer as veg


*At 5:00 pm*

infused water (1 chopped kiwi, some pieces of ginger,mint leaves)

Water intake maximum


*AT 7:00pm*

22,23 july….. bowl of veg poha ( add max chopped salad ) with salad of bowl 

24 july…… bowl of custard milk (no sugar) add max fruits 

*AT 9:00 pm*

Bowl of fruits

Organic Green tea before 10 min to bed

(2 time green tea in a day)….



* Do walk for 45 min. daily

* Send me ur weight every day

* if any medical issues then send your report on every sunday (eg. Diabetes)

* Weight must check on same machine nd on digital machine and on same timing every time(empty stomach)


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