25.Ramayana’s Bread chana masala chaat


25.Ramayana’s Bread chana masala chaat ?

Ingredients :
•Bread slices – 1-2
•Channa (white chana) – 4-5 spoon
•Onion – 2 tea spoon finely chopped
•Tomato- 2 tea spoon finely chopped
•Carrot-2 tea spoon finely chopped
•Coriander leaves -3-4 finely chopped
•Lemon juice – half spoon
•Salt n black pepper acc to taste
•One pinch of Chaat masala powder

Instructions :
•Heat a tawa or a skillet and toast the bread slices
•Cut the toasted bread slice into pieces.
?? Prepare Channa Masala
•Mix boiled white chana,onion,tomato n carrot n Channa masala powder,salt n black pepper ,mix them well..
•Drizzle lemon juice on top of the Channa masala.
•Garnish with coriander leaves and Mix chopped bread pieces
•Your bread chana Masala chaat is ready.
•serve it immediately?

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