93. Ramayana’s Stuffed mixed vegetable chapatti


93. Ramayana’s Stuffed mixed vegetable chapatti

•1 tsp chopped cauliflower
• salt to taste
• green chilly (optional)
•1 tsp chopped onion
•1 tsp chopped carrot
•1 tsp capsicum
•1 tsp green beans
•1 tsp green peas
•pinch of cumin seeds
•salt to taste
•pinch of turmeric powder
•1 tsp chopped tomato
•few drops of oil

•Dip the cauliflower in warm salty water for few minutes
•Finelly chopped onion,carrot,capsicum,green peas n beans .
•Heat few drops of oil in pan add cumin seeds nd allow seeds to crackle when seeds crackle.
•Add the chopped veggie mixture in pan n saute well drain the water n chopped the cauliflower n add into same pan n add salt turmeric chilli powder n saute well.
•Switch of the flame now add wheat flour in this mixture n required water n make a smooth dough .
•Make roti from the dough n cook on tava till both side gets golden brown its done.
•Ready to serve .
•Serve hot

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