23,24,25 july

*Jaswinder singh*

(Fazilka) (Male) (63.2 Kg) (5’6″) (non-veg) (32 yrs) (eosinophil count high, esr high, ALP high, vitamin D nd B¹² low, lipid profile disturbed, IgE level high, Thyroid) (Allergic.. Wheat, rice nd grass, dust) (Dislikes.. Cold items, curd nd milk due to cough nd bulgum)

[Diet started on *9 May*]

*23,24,25  july*

*Need to follow strictly, timing can be managed according to your comfort but except your dinner time*

Early morning when u wake up at *5:00 am*

*(soaked overnight)*

First 10 days….Take cinnamon (2 pinch ) water… 200ml

Next 10 days…Take 2 black pepper with water… 200ml

Next 10 days…  Take ginger (½spoon) water… 200ml

Then go for freshen up n check ur weight…

*After 10 min* … 4 almonds nd 2 figs nd ½spoon sunflower seeds

Go for walk n yoga … as ur comfort morning or evening

45 min. walk daily n yoga


*7:30 am*

omellete (2 whole eggs with 1 white egg) nd salad bowl 

*Don’t take tea with your meal take it after or before half an hour of your meal*


*At 8:30 am*

creamy lassi


*AT 12:00 pm*

4 chapati with veg nd curd bowl (amla murabba )


One day …..spinach as veg

One day …..  soyabean as veg 

One day ….. kidney beans as veg


*At 2:00 pm*

coconut malai


*AT 4:00PM*

cup of milk with oreo biscuits 


*AT 4:00PM*

bowl of  soya chaap

Water intake maximum


*AT 8:00pm*

1 chapati with gravy  veg and salad of bowl 

after 10 min…. Cup of nutty milk

Organic Green tea(use moringa green tea) before 10 min to bed

(1 time green tea in a day)….

*Inhale some honey before go to bed daily*



* Do walk for 45 min. daily

* Send me ur weight every day

* if any medical issues then send your report on every sunday (eg. Diabetes)

* Weight must check on same machine nd on digital machine and on same timing every time(empty stomach)



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