30,31 july 1,2 august

*Amanjot Kaur*

(Abohar) (Female) (80 Kgs) (5’6″) (ova-veg) (32 yrs) (constipation, acidity, gall bladder removed, menstrual cycle disturbed….irregular, bp high, hair fall, dull skin, face glow) (likes.. Cravings for sweets nd spicy itmes sometimes) (dislikes… Simple curd) (no eggs on Tuesday and Thursday)


[Diet started on *10 July*]

*30,31 July 1,2 august*

*Need to follow strictly, timing can be managed according to your comfort but except your dinner time*


Early morning when u wake up at *7:30 am*

*(soaked overnight)*

First 10 days…. Take mint leaves (12-15 leaves) water… 200ml

Next 10 days… Take coriander (½spoon) water… 200ml

Next 10 days… Take cinnamon (¼spoon) water… 200ml

Then go for freshen up n check ur weight…

*After 10 min* … 4 soaked almond n 2 walnut nd amla juice(20ml)

Go for walk n yoga … as ur comfort morning or evening

45 min. walk daily n yoga


*9:30 am*

30,31 july,1 august…..2 cool salad  sandwich ( use 2 slice of brown bread) with salad of bowl

2 august…. bowl of milk muesli ( no sugar) add max chopped fruits

*Don’t take tea with your meal take it after or before half an hour of your meal*


*At 12:00 noon*

white petha juice

Half spoon chia seed In a day…..before lunch…..add in your water bottle


*AT 2:00pm*

30,31 july,1 august……2 chapati (use jau and wheat mix flour) with veg nd salad bowl


One day …moong dal as veg

2 august…. 2 slice of brown bread with veg and bowl of salad


*At 4:30 pm*

Cup of milk tea or green tea with 2 oats biscuits 

Water intake maximum


*AT 7:30pm*

30,31 july….. bowl of mushroom salsa salad

1 august…. bowl of suji kheer ( no sugar) add max chopped fruits

2 august…..bowl of milk muesli ( no sugar) add max chopped fruits

*AT 9:00 pm*

1 apple 

Organic Green tea before 10 min to bed

(2 time green tea in a day)….



* Do walk for 45 min. daily

* Send me ur weight every day

* if any medical issues then send your report on every sunday (eg. Diabetes)

* Weight must check on same machine nd on digital machine and on same timing every time(empty stomach)



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