49. Veg Upma bowl


49. Veg Upma bowl ?

Ingredients :

• few drops of oil
• pinch of mustard seeds
• pinch of cumin seeds
• 2-3 curry leaves
•1 tbsp chopped onion
•1 tbsp Chopped capsicum
•1 tbsp Chopped tomato
•1 tbsp boiled sweet corns
•1 tbsp peanuts
•half handful of peas n beans
•1 tbsp carrot
•1 green chilli chopped…optional
• Salt to taste
• pinch of turmeric powder
• 1 Cup water (acc to need)
• Bowl of suji

Method :-
•Heat oil in a pan.
•Add mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry leaves
•Saute them for a while and add onion,capsicum, tomato, sweet corns .Mix thoroughly
•Add chopped carrot and beans along with peas, beans and green chilli. Mix well.
•Add salt and turmeric powder to taste and mix well.
•Slowly pour sooji and peanuts in the pan.
•Stir slowly, add water(according to your need ) cook on a medium flame. check if the water has evaporated.
•Upma is ready to eat ,serve hot.??

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