60. Ramayana’s Mushroom Tikka


60. Ramayana’s Mushroom Tikka ??

•4 spoon curd /condensed curd
•pinch of turmeric(haldi),red chilli,cumin, jeera powder
•1tsp lemon juice
•Pinch of garam masala
•pinch of ajwain
•Few drops of oil,
•1/2 tsp ginger garlic paste(optional)
•Salt to taste.

• 8 big mushrooms
• 1 onion (cut into petals )
• 1 green or red or yellow capsicum into cubes
•Firstly, in a large mixing bowl, take the curd and masalas.Mix well to form a smooth and thick mixture.
•Add mushrooms, onion, green capsicum to it ,coat them with the mixture for marination.
•After marination, insert the marinated mushroom, capsicum and onions into skewers. Further, roast it on a hot tawa or grill in oven or tandoor or microwave it.
•Roast on medium flame and keep rotating skewers in between.
•Roast all sides, making sure it doesn’t burnt.
•Finally, sprinkle some chaat masala onto it and serve immediately with mix chopped salad ? ??

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