106. Ramayana’s special Tomato sauce


106. Ramayana’s special Tomato sauce

°chopped ginger
°half dried red chilli
°salt to taste

1. Rinse the tomatoes in water and then drain them. Use fresh ripe tomatoes.
2. Chop them roughly. Remove the skin or parts which are blemished or spotted.
3. Now in a large casserole or pot or a 4 to 5 litre pressure cooker, add the chopped tomatoes.
4. Add the chopped ginger, garlic and halved dry red chilies Nd salt to taste.
5. Pour vinegar.
6. Add jaggery.
7. kept the cooker on low flame. Stirred very well and below is the result after 9 mins. You don’t need to add any water.
8. Simmer and cook the tomatoes, till they are softened. The tomatoes have got softened after a total of 27 mins. The timing will vary and depends on the pan you use, the intensity of the flame etc.
9. When the mixture is slightly hot or warm, then using an immersion blender, make a nice smooth puree of everything. You can also make the puree in an electric blender. Make sure to puree very well.

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