41.? Ramayana’s Broccoli mix bean salad?

41.? Ramayana’s Broccoli mix bean salad?

•fresh broccoli floret 8-9
• 2 tsp onion
•2 tsp Carrot
•2 tsp Capsicum (red,yellow, green) (optional)
•2 tsp chopped Cabbage
•4 tsp Boiled beans
•2 tsp Cucumber
•2 tsp Tomato
•1 tsp hung curd ( condensed curd )
•2 tsp boiled corns

•Take a pan heat it add 2-3 drops of oil saute broccoli, ,carrot, tomato, onion, cabbage nd beans for 2-3 min in it nd off the flame now.
•ThenAdd all the other ingredients cucumber, boiled corns etc.
•Combine all ingredients.
•To prepare the dressing, mix the curd together until smooth ,add salt n pepper or oregano . Then Stir into the salad, let chill and serve.??

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